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Mailing box is easy shipping and solid, you can choose different paper material like the thickness according to your product feature,so it can protect your product well during shipping. the box can be printed inside and outside, so many information can be showed on the box. You can use different surface treatments like UV, silver foil, gold stamping to stress some details.

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Nantong Sd Printing Co., Ltd was established in 1996. It is a professional OEM Mailer Paper Box Manufacturer and ODM Mailer Paper Box Factory in China, Nantong Sd Printing Co., Ltd has a construction area of 12,000 square meters and factory assets of more than 50 million US dollars. It has more than 100 automated equipment in areas such as artwork, plate making, printing, and post-processing. We specialize in Custom Mailer Paper Box and provide custom packaging products to over 35 countries. We always take "creating one-stop service for customers" as our mission, so SD has established long-term cooperative relationships with customers from all over the world. Contact us now and let us help you find your custom one-stop packaging solution!


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Mailer Paper Box Industry knowledge

In modern society, mailing has become an integral part of people's daily lives. As an environmentally friendly and practical mail packaging option, Mailer Paper Box is gradually becoming more and more popular. So, how does Mailer Paper Box become an environmentally friendly and practical new choice for mail packaging?
The environmentally friendly nature of Mailer Paper Box is one of the reasons why it is highly regarded. Compared with traditional plastic packaging bags, cartons are more environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and cause less pollution to the environment. Today, with increasing attention to environmental issues, choosing to use cartons as mail packaging materials not only conforms to the concept of green life, but also reflects an individual's active participation in environmental protection.
The practicality of Mailer Paper Box is also an important factor in its popularity. The carton is durable and can effectively protect the mail from damage during transportation. At the same time, the size and shape of the carton can be customized according to the size and shape of the mail, ensuring that the mail can fit tightly in the carton and reduce shaking and collision during transportation. This customization not only improves the security of mail, but also improves the efficiency of paper box utilization.
Mailer Paper Box also has advantages in terms of aesthetics. The material of the carton is soft and comfortable to touch, coupled with the exquisite printing process, making the carton very visually attractive. Brands or businesses can print unique logos, patterns or text on cartons based on their own image and needs to enhance brand image and publicity effects. For the recipient, a beautiful and interesting carton can also bring an unexpected surprise and pleasure.
In the e-commerce industry, Mailer Paper Box is particularly widely used. With the rise of online shopping, the number of express packages is also increasing. As an environmentally friendly and practical packaging option, paper boxes are favored by e-commerce platforms. Through customized carton packaging, e-commerce platforms can not only enhance brand image, but also provide consumers with a higher-quality, environmentally friendly shopping experience. At the same time, the lightness and portability of cartons also bring great convenience to couriers and recipients.
It is worth mentioning that the environmental protection of Mailer Paper Box is not only reflected in its degradable and recyclable characteristics. With the advancement of science and technology, more and more cartons use environmentally friendly materials and production processes to reduce the burden on the environment. For example, some cartons are made from renewable materials, such as waste paper pulp or plant fibers, further reducing the consumption of natural resources. In addition, some cartons also use environmentally friendly printing processes and inks to avoid the release of harmful substances and ensure the environmental protection of packaging.
In addition to being environmentally friendly and practical, Mailer Paper Box is also economical. Compared with some high-end packaging materials, the cost of cartons is relatively low and suitable for mass production and application. This allows merchants to control costs and improve economic benefits while ensuring packaging quality and environmental protection when selecting packaging materials.
To sum up, Mailer Paper Box has become an environmentally friendly and practical new choice for mail packaging due to its environmentally friendly, practical, beautiful and economical features. In the future, with the continuous improvement of people's environmental awareness and the continuous development of the express delivery industry, cartons will play an even more important role in the field of mail packaging. Let us choose Mailer Paper Box together and add beauty and harmony to life in an environmentally friendly way.