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Nantong Sd Printing Co., Ltd was established in 1996. It is a professional OEM Customizable artwork corrugated boxes Suppliers and ODM Customizable artwork corrugated boxes company in China, Nantong Sd Printing Co., Ltd has a construction area of 12,000 square meters and factory assets of more than 50 million US dollars. It has more than 100 automated equipment in areas such as artwork, plate making, printing, and post-processing. We professionally provide Customizable artwork corrugated boxes and provide custom packaging products to over 35 countries. We always take "creating one-stop service for customers" as our mission, so SD has established long-term cooperative relationships with customers from all over the world. Contact us now and let us help you find your custom one-stop packaging solution!


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In today's highly competitive market environment, product packaging is not just a simple shell to protect items, it is also an important medium for brands to convey value and attract consumers' attention. As an innovative packaging solution, customized art corrugated boxes are gradually becoming the first choice for many companies.
Custom art corrugated boxes can be designed according to your brand's unique personality and values, highlighting your brand image and attracting the attention of your target audience. Through beautiful artistic design and custom printing, you can express your brand's unique story, taste and values on your packaging to stand out in a competitive market.
Consumers' experience with product packaging directly affects their perception and attitude towards the brand. Customized art corrugated boxes are not just simple packaging containers, but also a medium for interaction with consumers. Through carefully designed artistic elements and personalized information, consumers can enhance their emotional connection and enhance their favorability and loyalty to the product.
As people's awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, environmentally friendly packaging has become one of the important considerations for consumers when choosing products. Customized art corrugated boxes are made of renewable paper materials, which are easy to recycle and recycle, in line with modern consumers' pursuit of environmentally friendly and sustainable development. By choosing this kind of environmentally friendly packaging, companies can not only reduce their environmental impact, but also build resonance with consumers and enhance their brand image.
Art corrugated boxes have excellent packaging protection properties and can effectively protect products from damage and collision. Compared with traditional packaging, custom art corrugated boxes are usually lighter and easier to handle and stack, thus improving packaging and transportation efficiency. In addition, they have the advantage of being easy to stack and store, saving businesses storage space and costs.
Customized art corrugated boxes provide a variety of design options to meet the needs of different products and brands. Whether it is simple fashion, retro classic or personal statement, it can all be realized through customized design. From packaging size and shape to printing effects and surface treatment, everything can be customized according to the specific needs of the company, adding unique charm to the product.
Choosing customized art corrugated boxes can not only effectively highlight the brand image and enhance consumers' purchasing experience, but also achieve the goal of environmental protection and sustainable development. It is an ideal choice for corporate product packaging. As consumers' demands for brand personalization and environmental sustainability continue to increase, customized art corrugated boxes will surely play a more important role in the future market.